August 3, 2022

How the pandemic has changed the use of LEDs in retail

Key points:

  • There has been a surge of innovation around LED design to make digital screens more suited to new spaces.
  • Design and architectural firms are realizing the potential of LED in the design and branding of a physical space.
  • LED has the power to change perception and / or shatter a large open space.


The use of LEDs for orientation, entertainment, advertising and general digital signage applications had increased in the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is too early to say whether or not this trend has continued, it is likely that LED will be used in a more diverse and varied way than it was before the pandemic. MarketScale contacted the host of Experience by Design, Bryan meszaros, for his thoughts on how the pandemic has altered the use of LEDs and raised its visibility in industries like retail.

Brief thoughts:

I will say, when it comes to the pandemic, LED is a very interesting trend to watch out for. I would say that the pandemic has necessarily had an impact on use. I think it’s a little hard to say it’s a “yes”. Admittedly, there was a lot of attention towards LED before the pandemic happened. You have this huge increase in innovation, the way the LED is designed to be more suited to new spaces. They also have a lot more design agencies and architectural firms that are starting to recognize it as a part of design and branding. And that certainly contributed to its adoption rate. Thus, other environments or environments such as healthcare, or businesses, public spaces, transport, have rethought their use and have turned to it, especially since they are very large environments and ‘there is a lot of negative space that needs to be filled. And LED certainly has this opportunity to fit perfectly into these areas and be used as an interesting way to rename or change the perception of a space. So I think after the pandemic I can see a slight increase, probably in retail, although again that was something that happened before. But I think what’s interesting is that you have a lot of retailers who are really going back and considering spending on printing and vinyl, and realizing the labor costs and also the availability to bring in. the teams to go there and change the treatments and the stores.

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