June 23, 2022

7 observations from the win over the Patriots – The Athletic

After the way things unfolded between the Bills and Patriots on Monday night, Dec. 6, fan anxiety about the rubber game was palpable. Then Saturday night, when quarterback Josh Allen tried to throw the ball and tight end Dawson Knox scored the team’s first touchdown on Saturday night, it was a sign that things were going in the right direction. Bills.

Things continued their way throughout the game, and it never stopped. Seven offensive drives with Allen at the helm, seven Bills touchdowns.

In one of the NFL’s coldest games in recent memory, the Bills chased the rival Patriots from the stadium, delivering a 47-17 wildcard victory and a statement to the rest of the league. As the Bills wait for their next opponent, they know they still have at least one playoff game ahead of them.

What led to the Bills dominating the Patriots in a 30-point win? Here are seven observations.

1. The Bills have this guy as their quarterback

There was a lot of talk throughout the week about how the weather would affect the Bills’ prolific passing attack. Freezing temperatures were a given, but the whipping winds of the Patriots’ opener and regular season finale against the Jets were given a goodbye this weekend. The lack of wind or precipitation made it a pass-friendly environment. And Allen took all the pre-game concerns about passing difficulties and blew them out of the water.

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