August 13, 2022

A New Spring Poem by C. Thomas of Alexandria


Can you feel the spring in the air? The first day of spring will be here on March 20, and as the days get longer and warmer, those feelings you’ve kept inside your warm and cozy home might want to escape to take a deep breath. , smell the flowers and… AHH… ACHOO! That’s right. With each season comes a mix of sensations, smells and tastes.

The Alexandrian poet C. Thomas perpetually peeks into his heart for willing audiences, and we are more than happy to publish his excellent poems. Here is his most recent work!

By C.Thomas

I wasn’t supposed to fall in love.
Just the thought makes me itch.
It’s as if I had an allergic reaction.
There are no anti-itch pills or creams to help with this.
So I won’t risk a rash, I’m avoiding it.

A bee sting to my feelings.
Emotions turn into anaphylactic shock.
I choke on being shown affection.
My skin blushes on contact.
Lump in the throat from smiling.
A nauseating punch in the stomach.
I burst into hives.
I can’t stand the pain – I’m hot to the touch.
And with no spike pen in sight, I don’t need that!

I stand firm in not wanting any part of anyone’s heart.
Romantic flutters cause asthma attacks.
Inhale, exhale – shallow breaths – I

damn close to fainting.
They say big boys don’t cry—
I prove them wrong every day.
Put your heart in my hands
you want to… watch me break it.
I’m clumsy…on purpose.

Fall back deliberately if I felt a
little twinge of him coming to meet me.
I hate the responsibility of letting my guard down, trusting someone with everything and doing the same.
I’ve seen relationships fall apart like this
on spilled milk.
Damn, I’m lactose intolerant!
Jaded hearts, swollen emotions.
There is no love in this house.
I take the necessary precautions to protect myself.

And then there you are.
You who are not supposed to be here.
You who have sneaked up on me ever since
nowhere, looking at me like we were meant to be.
Wanting to stop itchy eyes, nose from running.
That I don’t have a sore throat, so I can sleep better.

An antihistamine for this heartbreaking ragweed.
Show me roses growing thorns like it’s ok!
Make me become a honeysuckle hummingbird.
Race to the smell of your smile, a sweet nectar under willow free from tears.
Tulips in full bloom kind of joy.
Wide open sound-absorbing nose
of green grass lying beneath us.
I don’t know if this tickle is from ladybugs
dance on my skin or my lonely nights
admit it’s over.

Never imagined a feeling of being so calm.
This desert is at a standstill when
wrapped in your arms. We become
persistent, long-lasting flowering despite
the state of the world.

I run from the fields just to breathe you and
here we are planted firmly in our secret
garden palm to palm, heartbeat after heartbeat,
cheek to cheek. I can’t get enough of you.

And I like it
damn i love you

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