June 23, 2022

AAA Reminds Drivers to Use Air Conditioning Amid High Temperatures and High Gas Prices – WPXI

AAA reminds drivers to use air conditioning in high temperatures and high gas prices

PITTSBURGH — Temperatures are expected to be at or above 90 degrees for the next few days.

The first thing drivers will want to do is crank up their car’s air conditioning, but experts with AAA say it’s not that quick.

“This week will be close to recording high temperatures, and while that’s great for hanging out by the pool, what does that mean for our vehicles?” said AAA spokeswoman Tiffany Stanley.

She reminds drivers that running their car’s air conditioning on full blast can be expensive, with a gallon of regular gasoline costing more than $5 on average in Pennsylvania.

“It can cut your fuel economy by 25%, which is the equivalent of having to refuel more often than you should,” she said.

Instead, AAA recommends drivers keep their air conditioning at a moderate level or roll down the windows.

Trying to keep the car cool even when empty is also essential.

That means parking in a garage, shaded area, or even using a windshield cover.

“A little mindfulness before getting out of the car really goes a long way,” Stanley said.

It’s also important to keep your car’s gas tank more than a quarter full.

If it gets too low, you might face other more expensive issues than buying gas.

“It’s dangerous and can actually cause more damage if you use your tank on E,” Stanley said.

Never leave your children or pets in the car unattended. With temperatures above 90 degrees, it can be deadly within minutes.

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