June 23, 2022

All Everywhere, All At Once Shames Thanos’ Use Of Reality Stone

One of the most intriguing aspects of Everything everywhere all at once that’s how it looked like a comic book movie. Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang was thrown across the multiverse, absorbing different personalities in order to level up to become the Chosen One. She basically adopted the dreamwalking ability seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness while preparing for a Thanos-like entity in his daughter, Jobu Tupaki. In fact, as Jobu confronted Evelyn, the villainess went terrifyingly unleashed with her divine power and shamed the Mad Titan’s use of the Reality Stone.

Now fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have wondered if Thanos was properly using this relic in Avengers: Infinity War. He turned Drax into blocks, Mantis into ribbons, and bubble-shot Star-Lord’s gun in a single fight to flex his abilities. Additionally, he warped the Collector’s Lair to trap Gamora, producing a memorable sequence of him posing as a deity, toying with the heroes. Yet it all seemed childish, leaving him a base to stop Avengers: Endgame.

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Jobu, on the other hand, took it up a notch in acknowledging that she was no longer the human aspect of Evelyn’s daughter, Joy. When her dark side took over, she gave in to the monster that tore all realities apart to get revenge on various versions of her controlling mother. She had a lot more fun though, while making the opposition unnecessary, making sure she couldn’t get in her way down the line.

In her first fight, she had a police officer shoot confetti and make him vomit confetti to make sure he felt the pain she was doing. Jobu then turned another police officer into a fruit-bearing dancer before murdering him. She even turned some guns into sex toys, proving she had a sick sense of humor. Jobu also changed into fun outfits as she went along, but that didn’t make the fight any less terrifying as her mission went bloody.

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Her antics sent a message of intent to Evelyn that the teenager wasn’t playing, recalling how she slaughtered temporal agents across space and time. It was all part of her fractured psyche after killing Prime Evelyn for forcing her to use these talents years ago. Admittedly, Jobu’s powers weren’t quite the same as the Reality Stone, but she got better at bending reality as she killed her family on different Earths.

Jobu’s massacre illustrated how Thanos could have used the Stone in even more exciting ways. He wasn’t as creative as her, which would have made him a crazier puppeteer. However, his focus was more twisted, while Jobu’s was more personal than galactic salvation. And maybe that’s why she had weird fun playing with the friends and toys she never got to experience.

To see Jobu as a more playful version of Thanos, check out Everything Everywhere, All At Once, which is playing in theaters now.

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