June 23, 2022

Ally reinforces its commitment to the use of blockchain with the StackOS partnership

PASADENA, California, USA, January 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In line with its commitment to using blockchain technology in all aspects of its business, Ally, the software-as-a-service leader in business transaction resolution, is partnering with StackOS.

StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol technology that aims to connect developers to decentralized computing power through a UI-based application deployment engine. By partnering with StackOS, Ally will effectively optimize its servers and reduce the costs associated with using its platform, providing businesses with an affordable and reliable platform to generate revenue and maximize profits on all orders. .

With over 400 projects deployed with StackOS, the platform seeks to provide developers with a myriad of benefits, including the ability to launch any application in minutes, a superior user experience, enhanced security, and frameworks to low cost with no maintenance costs.

As a Software-as-a-Service platform, Ally leverages blockchain technology such as that provided by StackOS to help businesses overcome obstacles that arise in day-to-day transactions. High commission fees, ownership of customer data, and poor delivery quality cause daily headaches for businesses large and small. With Ally, businesses can save thousands of dollars while simultaneously streamlining their operations.

For more information on StackOS, please visit https://www.stackos.io. To learn more about Ally’s suite of business transaction tools and solutions, visit https://allynow.com/.

About Ally

Ally is a Software-as-a-Service platform dedicated to solving common problems in today’s business transactions. Today, Ally has a delivery network of over 90,000 drivers and has helped over 500 brands improve revenue and maximize profits. In 2020, Ally’s platform successfully fulfilled and delivered over 24 million orders across the country. To learn more about Ally’s comprehensive suite of business tools, visit https://www.allynow.com.

About StackOS

StackOS is an open cross-chain protocol that allows individuals and organizations to share their computing resources and collectively deliver a decentralized cloud where developers around the world can deploy any full application, decentralized application, blockchain private networks and main network nodes. Learn more about https://www.stackos.io.

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