May 11, 2022

Antidote to rising oil prices is reduced usage, says West Bengal governor

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar said on Monday that in the face of relentless rise in oil prices, people should curtail the use of petroleum products as an antidote to such price hikes.

After a surge in petroleum product prices over the past 16 days, the price of petrol in the city has touched Rs 115.12 per liter and Rs 99.83 for high-speed diesel.

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Speaking at an event organized by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and other oil marketing companies on oil conservation, Dhankar said people were showing concern over rising oil prices. “The best antidote is to minimize its use with every price hike. Avoidable energy use will help the planet and the country’s economy, as imports of petroleum products deplete the country’s resources,” he said. he adds.

Since petroleum products, which are fossil fuels, are non-renewable, it takes millions of years for them to be replenished, Dhankar said, adding that the conspicuous consumption of these products should be stopped, by especially by the wealthy.

IOC Executive Director Pritish Bharat said the availability of fossil fuels is decreasing and this product will not last forever and must be conserved. He also said that it was necessary to look for alternative energy sources. Regarding IOC, he said the company manufactures enriched grade fuel to reduce pollution.

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