June 23, 2022

App usage patterns change over Christmas |

January 19, 2022

Users are interacting with their mobile phones as much as ever, with overall session and install numbers remaining consistent, but the apps they interact with change for a few weeks, reports app marketer Adjust. Someone who typically uses a health and fitness app every day may take a break and turn to food delivery, and someone who uses a gaming app every day may find themselves streaming music more often.

Adjust looked at global trends from December 23, 2021 through New Year’s Day 2022 to see how the data compared to the average for 2021 and December.

Music streaming increases dramatically during the holiday season

Mobile streaming app usage surged throughout the week of December 23 to January 1, but Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve reached impressive new heights. On December 25, the number of installs for the vertical sector was 86% higher than the annual average. People felt festive in general throughout December, as average installs for the month were up 15% compared to the rest of the year. Moving away from Christmas carols, music streaming surged again globally on New Year’s Eve, with numbers up 24%.

Health and fitness rebound after short break

Health and fitness apps drop dramatically in the last week of the year every year as many people take a break from their diets, and 2021 was no exception. In fact, December 24 was actually the worst day of the year for vertical installs, sitting 48% below the annual average. December 25 was a bit stronger for installs, but was still 32% below average.

In terms of sessions, Christmas Day was the slowest day of the year, at 39% less than average. On January 1, however, we see users shifting gears as they enter the new year, with installs and sessions saved. Installs for the first week of 2022 are up 39% from the 2021 average (and 160% from December 24), with January 3 being the best day so far. Sessions also surged, with the first week of January up 54% from Christmas Day.

It’s the season of gaming apps

Gaming apps run steadily throughout the year, but Adjust has identified a huge spike in usage over the holiday season. Users might have been playing games with friends and family, or maybe had more free time to relax and use their phones. Either way, installs and sessions were up. Game app installs for December 25 and 26 were 28% above average.

It’s the New Year when things really start to kick off, though. In the first three days of 2022, installs were 58% higher than the 2021 average, and sessions were up 8%.

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