June 23, 2022

Bangkok residents encouraged to reduce car use to help improve air quality

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) intends to tackle air pollution issues in all areas and raise air quality to international standards.

According to the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Chatree Wattanakhajorn, the BMA plans to raise the PM2.5 safety standard to 37.5 micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3) from the current 50 µg/m³ . The agency is also aiming to lower the capital’s annual PM2.5 rating from 25 to 15 µg/m³, in line with World Health Organization standards.

To achieve these goals, BMA officials will work with other government agencies to prioritize tackling the underlying causes of air pollution. Pollution control operations will improve to meet new safety standards, and Bangkok residents will be encouraged to take actions such as maintaining cars or reducing car use to help improve the air quality.

BMA officials added that Euro 6 exhaust standards will be imposed on cars this year to reduce tailpipe emissions. Authorities also intend to phase out the use of petroleum fuel containing more than 10ppm in the Bangkok metropolitan area by 2024. (NNT)

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