June 23, 2022

buffalo hunt, at least 10 killed. The attacker stops

New York. A young man was arrested, possibly a white supremacist, many injured, at least ten dead and a town devastated. This is the toll of the Buffalo supermarket afternoon shooting, the episode that recalls the massacre a year ago at a mall in Boulder, Colorado, when a gunman killed ten people , including a police officer. Another weekend of ordinary American madness, this time in New York State’s second largest city.

So far there is going to be a killing spree on base for anyone who showed up to the store in army fatigues, helmet, body armor and armed with at least an AR-15 war rifle . According to the police re-enactment, the killer drove into the parking lot of the supermarket, and as soon as he got out of the car, he started shooting people going to the store. did not prevent. Sowing blood, he entered the mall and continued the slaughter. Bodies and blood were found everywhere. At least five victims were in the parking lot, and others were behind the boxes, where they were seeking shelter. Among the victims was a recently retired Buffalo police officer who worked in store security.

During the filming, the killer gave a live broadcast via the Internet. A body camera was found on it. Suspected to be an act of racially motivated violence: The supermarket is located near the center of Buffalo, in a neighborhood populated mainly by African Americans. The 18-year-old posted a 106-page conspiracy statement online, in which he stated, among other things, “I want you to understand one thing from this document. White birth rates need to change. The white population is in decline.

The whole area was isolated for hours. Only one employee was spared as he went to the refrigerator room to put away a series of milk cartons. When he started to feel the beatings, he locked himself in with other people. “I heard the shooting – he told a local newspaper – it was as if everything was collapsing.”

Two witnesses said they entered the parking lot as soon as the killer left the supermarket. They referred him to the police: white, long hair, in his twenties, with a black helmet and something like a gun. One added that the killer had a gun pointed at his chin, then took off his helmet and threw the gun to the ground, at which point police jumped on him. Most likely, this is the first hypothesis, he wanted to commit suicide but did not succeed and gave up. Hundreds of people went to the supermarket looking for family members, but the police wouldn’t let anyone in. Others are starting to bring Facebook to life. New York Governor Cathy Hochhol, a native of Buffalo, promised justice.

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