August 13, 2022

#CANTO2022: Sandvine explores trends in internet usage

In Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena report, research showed that 56.96% of traffic came from the top six brands: Google, Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

The report also shows that this is a 33% increase in total traffic from 43.10% in 2019.

“Notably, this marks the first year that this collection of powerhouses has more traffic than all the others, combined. The dominance of the top six brands in the world of apps is fueled by their complex ecosystems, which create a traction through complex blends of personalized through different functionalities that these brands use to innovate and monetize services,” the report states.

The report also shows that video is currently one of the top five trends.

Sandvine data shows that in the first half of 2021, bandwidth traffic was dominated by streaming video, accounting for 53.72% of overall traffic, with YouTube, Netflix and Facebook video in the top three.

In 2021, the top categories in descending order were Video, Social, Web, Games and Messaging, while in 2019 the top categories in descending order were: Video, Web, Games, social networks and file sharing.

Social media and messaging have risen through the ranks as more and more people turn to social media and messaging to interact with their communities, work and learn from home.

“Video was even more important than last year, both as a standalone and integrated component of app mashups. The most popular video apps were Youtube at #1 with 14.61%, Netflix at #2 with 9.39%. , Facebook Video at 4.20% and TikTok at 4.00% of total app traffic,” the report states.

In the Americas, video reigns supreme, with Netflix, YouTube and Facebook generating the most traffic, according to the report.

Examining the implication of these trends for the telecommunications industry, the report states that for service provider teams in charge of capacity planning, engineering, big data and operations, the rise in heavy users”, the tsunami of video, social networks and games, as well as new traffic and security protocols (e.g. QUIC, Apple Private Relay) will affect the way of approaching QoE and the SLA guarantee apps.

It may also raise the question of whether now is the right time for Google, Facebook, Netflix and others to help invest in networks.

“The scales have tipped with the majority of network traffic now attributable to these dominant digital brands. As they build highly developed ecosystems, their apps will have more functionality, more functionality and more ‘cross-pollination’ with not only their own apps, but also third-party apps. Their quest is to provide more innovative content and features for all ages, demographics and locations,” the report states.

Learn more in the Sandvine report HERE.

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