May 11, 2022

City provides update on use of recreation facilities

However, he said, overall the length of use of the rink was reasonable, given the restrictions in place.

The Alex Dillabough Center (ADC) has been particularly hard hit during the pandemic, especially in the past year.

“All of 2021 we’ve been operating under some sort of COVID restriction, whether it’s gathering sizes or masking or whatever,” Schechtel said. “All of this has helped keep demand low.”

He added that it was worse in 2020 when CDA shut down completely for about six months. Then usage started to increase a bit from October to December 2021.

Now, thankfully, 2022 bookings are basically where they were before the pandemic, maybe even higher than they were in 2019.

“It’s going to be busy at ADC this summer,” Schechtel said.

The city’s campground has seen positive numbers during the pandemic.

“It’s been a pretty good summer in 2021,” he said. “Our total number of campers nearly doubled from 2020, and the same for full service bookings…”

Usage figures in 2021 were basically similar to what they were before the pandemic. Schechtel added that he expects the number of campgrounds to be just as good, if not more, by 2022.

For the City of Battleford Flats baseball diamonds, Schechtel said the city has changed how it tracks usage numbers. Initially, only young people used the apartments at the beginning of last summer. Then adults were allowed in as the year progressed.

“That’s something to keep in mind with apartments,” he said. “We changed the way we tracked stats this year. We based it on what was actually used, rather than what was reserved.

Some council members have asked about the possibility of accessing the eight diamond in the apartments as it has not been used for a few years. Schechtel pointed out that he is currently in poor condition. Thus, the state of this diamond will first have to be brought to a good “playability standard”, both in the field and in the field, so that it can be used by one of the user groups in the future.

Mayor Ames Leslie mentioned that the soccer field must also be used.

“Are we going to find a way to promote [it] to bring football more into the apartments? ” he said. “It’s prime real estate. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a football game there.”

Leslie encouraged the city’s parks and recreation committee to look into the matter and possibly bring the matter back to council for more discussion or some type of recommendation.

Described recovery rates

Schechtel presented the city’s recreational facility recovery rates for the 2021 season during its report.

The cost recovery rate for city recreation facilities reflects the level of compensation for city facilities by user groups and the amount ratepayers cover for operations.

Schechtel noted whether the city is doing more maintenance or has other facility-related expenses that can also impact recovery rates.

Looking at the numbers, CDA struggled with an 18.34% recovery rate last year, but should see a much higher recovery in 2022.

Apartments had a difficult recovery rate of 17.21%.

The campground, however, performed well with an 87.68% recovery.

The arena fared a little better than expected with a 51% recovery rate in 2021.

Leslie took the opportunity to congratulate Schechtel for achieving the city’s goal of having more than 50 percent of user groups covering rink operations for recovery rate in particular.

“Great job for Jordan and your team because that’s hard to do on a hockey rink,” he said.

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