June 23, 2022

Congressman Shashi Tharoor encourages the use of environmentally friendly food packaging; Internet users are worried about the high budget

New Delhi: Congressman Shashi Tharoor often makes headlines not only because he is the public intellectual, but also because he is an avid user of social media. Recently, Tharoor re-tweeted the tweet of IAS agent Supriya Sahu, who was engaged in the promotion of environmentally friendly products, the first urging the Indian government to provide “incentives to increase production. ” articles.

“It applies to the whole country and not just TN. Various innovations of this type are underway to replace plastics with recyclable and biodegradable materials. The GoI must provide incentives to increase the production of these environmentally friendly alternatives for everyday use, ”Tharoor tweeted.

In the video shared by Supriya Sahu, rice bran food containers are shown. In addition, glass tumblers of different sizes and bottles are also presented. The man showing the items can be heard saying that these eco-friendly items can only be used once.

See the tweet here:

The video has garnered over 260,000 views since the time it was shared. Internet users also welcomed the initiative to introduce environmentally friendly items in place of plastic containers. However, some have raised concern about the high budget of environmentally friendly items. One of the Twitter users wrote: “Sir, great products but maybe an expensive deal, not in practice by the common man due to the high cost.”

Here are some of the reactions to Shashi Tharoor’s post:

Meanwhile, Supriya Sahu called on hotels and food companies to restrict the use of plastic packaging banned in the state. Sahu’s tweet read: “Food containers made from rice bran are leak-proof, affordable, disposable and environmentally friendly. Hotels, restaurants, food joints, it’s time for you to stop using plastic packaging banned in TN and switch to sustainable green alternatives.

Sahu, Principal Secretary of the Government of Tamil Nadu, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry, is primarily responsible for promoting the “Meendum Manjappai” program. The program encourages people to use yellow fabric bags every time they go out to buy things.

In addition, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Deputy Stalin, launched the “Meendum Manjapai Vizhipunarvu Iyakkam” program in Kalaivanar Arangam on December 24th.

The state government put in place a ban on the production, use, storage, distribution, transportation or scaling of 14 types of plastic that came into effect on the 1st January 2019.

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