May 11, 2022

Coors Light will eliminate the use of plastic rings globally in 2022

Craft beer enthusiasts may already be used to seeing their favorite breweries move away from less sustainable packaging options. Glass bottles are becoming increasingly rare, and plastic rings are not often seen, except for the more durable, reusable ones. PakTech Six-Pack Brackets.

Coors Light joins this club. On March 1, Coors announced that it would eliminate plastic rings from all packaging worldwide this year. He says it’s the biggest beer brand in North America to completely ditch plastic rings. For now, we are only talking about Coors Light and not the many other beers produced by Molson Coors Beverage Company.

Molson Coors is investing $85 million in the project, enabling the transition to “recyclable and sustainably sourced cardboard carriers” later in 2022. Supply details were not provided. However, a representative tells Thrillist that “this cardboard can be recycled and break down in a few months under the right conditions.”

The company says ditching the plastic rings will eliminate 1.7 million pounds of plastic waste per year, which starts to put the amount of plastic used in the beer industry into perspective.

In addition to moving Coors Light toward more sustainable packaging this year, this $85 million investment will also go towards eliminating rings in all Molson Coors products. North American brands by the end of 2025. Molson Coors has removed plastic rings from all its brands in the UK in 2021.

It’s a transition to a more environmentally friendly brand, although many Molson Coors beers, such as Blue Moon and Mickey’s, are still dispensed in glass bottles. the UN climate report published on February 28 paints a grim picture of the planet’s climate situation, recommending drastic and urgent action.

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