June 23, 2022

Covid-19 home test kits: use and concerns

India is facing the third wave of Covid-19. As cases are rising rapidly, people with flu-like symptoms are wary of being infected with Covid-19. People’s panic mode places a burden on healthcare workers. To increase testing without straining hospitals, rapid test kits are available on the market.

As test kits are readily available at the nearest pharmacy, people are carrying out tests at home. Home testing kits are helpful in curbing the spread of the virus because people are not going out to get tested. Although the awareness is a step towards increased testing, it creates stress for officials.

The main reason for concern is that not everyone who tests at home and comes back positive reports it to the authorities. For this reason, such cases are not reported. As The Times of India reports, Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) told a news agency, “There is no data entry from the home test kits. This is a screening test and not a confirmatory test. We don’t know for those using self-test kits. If people who test positive don’t follow isolation rules, they will end up infecting their close contacts.”

If you are taking a test at home, there are responsible measures that can increase the effectiveness of the test.

Step 1: Make sure the area where the test is going to be performed is clean.

2nd step: Clean and disinfect the test kit package before opening it.

Step 3: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, then place the contents of the kit on a sanitized surface.

Step 4: Look at the description on the test kit, download the required application and fill in all the necessary details.

Step 5: After performing the test, follow the directions given in the mobile app to check whether you are infected or not.

Step 6: Place the test kit with all its components in a disposal bag and dispose of it in the trash.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, opt for home isolation. If you have symptoms, but the test shows a negative result, take an RT-PCR test. To know the verified kits, you can visit the official website of ICMR.

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