August 13, 2022

Drake Responds to Backlash About His Private Jet Use | New

A few celebrities have faced backlash for using their luxury private jets for brief trips to destinations. A Twitter account that tracks celebrity flights based on recently tracked transponders and tail fin marks Kylie Jennerfrom Van Nuys, California to the nearby town of Camarillo, which was tracked as a 27-minute flight.

It prompted Twitter users to voice their feelings that the model has “utter disregard for the planet” and a “full-time climate criminal”.

The account also followed Duckof the recent trip from, where he took an 18-minute flight from Hamilton, Ontario to Toronto. news. -responds-after-a-reported-14-minute-private-jet-flight-triggers-backlash-3277519

For the past few weeks, the rapper has flown his jet, a Boeing 767, on a 7-minute flight, a 12-minute flight, and a 14-minute flight between Toronto and Hamilton.

The “Sticky” rapper took to Instagram to fight the noise, saying that “nobody gets on that flight” and that it’s used to “move plans to the airport” where they’re stored.

People didn’t take that comment lightly, including Scott Hochberg, a transportation attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, called Drake’s actions “the best example of unnecessary carbon emissions.”

“Drake is living in his own meme if he thinks an empty private jet flight is better than a useless flight with a celebrity on board,” Hochberg said.

“This is a prime example of unnecessary carbon emissions leading to even more unnecessary carbon emissions. These egregious thefts add climate pollution throughout their journey, from taxiing on the runway to ground vehicles serving the Ultra-short, non-essential flights only multiply the climate impacts of travel and we hope celebrities will realize the harmful impact of their frivolous flights,” he continued.

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