June 23, 2022

Driveway snow removal application sees massive increase in sales and use after winter storms

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – QuikPlow is an app that allows drivers with snowplows and people with snowy driveways to log in for services.

It is that simple. But it’s more than just convenience. For driver Aaron Hamilton, it’s a way to help people after record high snow levels in Grand Rapids.

“Sometimes you have old people, people with disabilities, people who just don’t want to go out and do it on their own because they have a lot to do or they just don’t feel well,” he said. said snow plow operator Aaron Hamilton.

The app has been around for about four years. But more recently, a redesign of the app has made it easier for customers and drivers to use.

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This latest round of storms, QuikPlow’s revenue has grown exponentially.

On Wednesday, they won more than last year. Thursday they overtook what they did on Wednesday.

“We have created 3,450 customer profiles. This does not necessarily equate to commands from people. And then we had 470 service providers and the same with them. They uploaded it, created the profile, ”QuikPlow co-founder said Ryan Crawley.

On average, it costs around $ 50 to $ 60 in total to get your entry. Drivers like Aaron Hamilton go above and beyond. It is an option to add walkways and shoveling sidewalks to the cost of the driveway.

But he knew it would only take him a few more minutes to take a short walk to one of his stops today. He says it’s his way of making sure people keep wanting to use the app. On the last day alone, he won around $ 750.

The best part isn’t the money, however.

“And the best part is that every once in a while I can bring my kids with me,” Hamilton said.

Her 3-year-old is also known to pick up a shovel. Hamilton says his kids love watching him make big piles of snow, especially on the few parking jobs he got.

QuikPlow, despite clearing over three hundred driveways this year, has yet to make a profit. The owners say they are not here to make a quick buck. They want plow operators to be able to earn money, especially for maintaining their equipment.

They have to plow more than 70,000 alleys to make a profit. For them, it is about providing an essential service to the community.

Especially when Grand Rapids had more snow than ever.

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