June 23, 2022

Duncan Robinson’s Miami Heat use is more important than deployment

The Miami Heat are well placed and are currently maintaining a three-game winning streak.

After dropping a game in San Francisco against the Golden State Warriors which also saw them lose Jimmy Butler again, they were able to do a quick and easy job on the other team fighting to be the best team in the league, the Phoenix Suns.

Although with a victory in Portland sandwiched between those two games, the victory against the Suns was extremely pleasant after dropping a difficult one in Golden State.

Most recently, they managed to eliminate the struggling Hawks team Wednesday night at State Farm Arena, handing the Hawks their ninth straight loss at home. A handy topic on these latest games though. was the status of Duncan Robinson and where it fits in the rotation.

Although he came off the bench in his final games, his first return appearance from the Protocols being when he only played around 17 minutes, subsequent games saw him outplay the starter at his position, Max Strus.

The Miami Heat rolled, without their two best guys. Much of it since returning, Duncan Robinson has done it off pin.

Although he was thought to be the starter, despite head coach Erik Spoelstra’s ideas and thoughts, that may not be the case. It’s not important though, based on everything that’s happened.

What’s important is what’s happened in the two games since he returned to his usual allotment of minutes. In both games since returning to a regular role and despite being off the pin, he passed Strus within minutes.

In the win over Phoenix, Max Strus saw just over 21 minutes, while Duncan Robinson saw nearly 29 minutes. In the most recent game against the Hawks, Max Strus saw one second in 15 minutes of action, while Duncan Robinson saw nearly 32 minutes of action in the contest.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how they are deployed, as long as Duncan Robinson gets the severance allowance minutes. Indeed, although Max Strus is a more versatile player, Duncan is doing what he needs most at a higher level right now.

The way he’s proven himself capable of warming up from distance threatens opposing defenses a bit more at the moment, although Strus is definitely hot on his heels. That’s why it’s all about minutes, not deployment.

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