June 23, 2022

Energy consumption during the month of June could go down in history, according to Entergy

BATON ROUGE – It’s the first day of summer, and everyone is feeling the heat. The scorching heat prompts Entergy to make a shocking estimate.

“We anticipate our customers’ highest energy consumption in company history,” said David Freese, spokesman for Entergy.

Freese says that estimate holds for the Entergy system as a whole. Not only Louisiana, but also customers in Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi could all be affected.

That means bills could skyrocket with the thermometer.

“There are several things that customers cannot control and high natural gas prices are one of them, as well as the cost of recovering from a storm. However, one thing customers can control is their usage,” Freese said.

DEMCO data shows that usage has increased slightly this year. From May 2021 to May 2022, usage increased by approximately 7%. Entergy did not provide any data within the requested time frame.

With little heat relief in the forecast, the cruel irony is that raising your thermostat could lower your bill. Entergy recommends customers keep the thermostat at 78 degrees.

Every degree below 78 could add 3% to your bill. So if you go down to 75, you’ve already added 9% to your bill,” Freese said.

Entergy says that despite the increased demand, there is no threat of strain on the power grid that could lead to outages.

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