August 13, 2022

For the first time in seven years, e-cigarette use among teens has dropped significantly in Colorado

STATEWIDE, Colo. (KJCT) – The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced Tuesday that, based on data from the recent release Colorado Healthy Kids Surveye-cigarette use among high school students decreased by 10%, from 26% in 2019 to 16%.

The survey also reports that the percentage of high school students who use traditional cigarettes decreased by 3%, from 6% in 2019 to 3%. Tobacco use by high school students overall decreased by a significant 12% margin, from 29% in 2019 to 17%. The CDPHE says the data may indicate that students have a better understanding of the dangers of smoking and vaping.

“The latest data are encouraging,” said Natalya Versheure, tobacco program manager at CDPHE. “But there is still work to be done. We recommend that parents, schools and communities continue to encourage young people to make healthy choices and reinforce tobacco-free habits.

However, some of the data indicates that tobacco use in some areas is increasing or remaining stable. Use of flavored vaping products increased from 18% to 23%. The percentage of students using menthol cigarettes has remained stable. The data also suggests that children are experimenting with vaping tobacco and other vaping products at a young age. The percentage of high school students who tried vaping products before the age of 13 increased by 9%, from 13% in 2019 to 22%. However, usage among college students is unchanged.

“Our goal is to ensure that every young person in Colorado can live their healthiest life,” said Jill Hunsaker Ryan, executive director of CDPHE. “We are encouraged by the decline in youth smoking. We will continue our prevention programs to ensure youth who smoke have access to resources and support that can help them quit and to prevent youth who do not smoke from starting.

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