June 23, 2022

Free use of local data from SmarTone and 3HK for people in quarantine centers

Music to the ears for those quarantined, as two telecommunications service providers announced they would provide free network data to those entering quarantine centers.

No thanks to the rapidly spreading Omicron Covid variant, close contacts of confirmed cases are ordered in quarantine centers, SmarTone and 3HK have announced that its quarantined customers will be granted a free data usage quota to enable them to stay in touch with their families.

In a statement, SmarTone said it will provide an additional 100 GB of free local data usage and unlimited voice calling minutes to their monthly subscription customers, as well as customers of their affiliate network service provider Birdie.

To take advantage of the benefit, citizens sent to isolation need only provide the company with their quarantine order at Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center or other quarantine hotels to take advantage of these benefits, allowing them to stay in contact with their families.

Another service provider, 3HK, announced that customers on its monthly plan will receive an additional 300 GB data usage quota if placed in mandatory quarantine to meet their business, learning and business needs. Entertainment.

For 3HK customers, they will need to register by January 20 and use the quota before their monthly statement deadline.

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