June 23, 2022

Get Paid to Save Energy During Peak Hours – NBC 7 San Diego

Hot summer months mean a lot of air conditioning, and all that power consumption adds up. That’s why California is rolling out a new program to try to reduce spike usage.

“With this summer heat, we’re using a lot more cooling devices,” said Candace Hadley of SDG&E. “It is important for us to look for ways to save energy.”

The new initiative is the Energy Saving Reward Program. Hadley says customers can apply to join, and then when the state issues a flexible alert, you’ll be notified and can plan to reduce the amount of energy you use.

“The more you save between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., that’s when you’ll see a $2 credit for every kilowatt-hour you save,” Hadley said.

These savings can quickly add up.

SDG&E says the average household uses about 400 kilowatts of electricity each month. It takes about two kilowatts of electricity to run the dishwasher or use your oven for an hour.

“The reduction we see on your usage is compared to your general usage overall,” Hadley said.

If you are a client of one of SDG&E’s programs such as CARE or FERA, you are automatically enrolled in the new program. Otherwise, you can check your availability here.

Hadley also says that if you get one of the alerts but can’t lower your usage for some reason, that’s okay.

“It’s voluntary,” Hadley said. “There is no penalty if you cannot conserve energy.”

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