August 13, 2022

GRCA calls for further reductions in water use

The Grand River Conservation Authority is urging people to reduce their water use by 20%.

The agency asked users to reduce consumption by 10% on June 30, but is now asking for further conservation efforts as hot, dry weather continues in southwestern Ontario.

The GRCA said that between mid-June and mid-July, the Grand River watershed received only 25% of its normal amount of precipitation, and total precipitation is “well below average for 90mm normally expected in July”.

The agency said it is already using its reservoirs upstream to increase water flows on the Grand and Speed ​​rivers.

On Wednesday, the Grand River Low Level Response Team decided to place the entire watershed at Level 2 under Ontario’s Low Level Response Program.

The GRCA said Tier 2 includes a voluntary 20% reduction in water use by municipalities, aggregate operations, golf courses, water bottlers, farms and private users.

“Conditions are incredibly dry for this time of year and while any rain helps, many of the weather systems we’ve seen this summer have been localized and are well below providing the amount of precipitation needed,” Stephanie said. Shifflett, GRCA Water Resources. Engineer, in a press release. “Reducing water consumption helps ensure an adequate water supply for drinking water and wastewater treatment.”

The agency recommends residents follow city bylaws on outdoor water use, which can limit or restrict activities like car washing and lawn watering.

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