June 23, 2022

GRID Legends Update 2.0 is now available, adds new weather effects, special events, and more.

It’s like GRID Legends comes and goes in an instant, doesn’t it? Codemasters’ racing game was one of the first to be released under EA, featuring live story scenes and a wide range of vehicles and events, but there hasn’t really been much buzz . Maybe the game’s latest update, bringing it to version 2.0, will inspire petrolheads to give it a try.

Available to download and install now on PS5 and PS4, this new patch is quite substantial. It brings a bunch of fixes and improvements, as you’d expect, but with all of that comes new features. First, a brand new special events page has been set up. Here, weekly and monthly challenges give you various tasks to complete, rewarding you with bonuses for completing them. Each also has a leaderboard, so you can see how your times or scores compare to others.

Additionally, new weather effects have been added to the game: dust and fog. These can be activated using the Race Creator function and will add new challenges while driving, reducing visibility and even changing the behavior of your car.

here are the full patch notes:

New features

  • A new weekly and monthly events page has been added, complete with leaderboards. Additionally, two new weather types have been added to Race Creator: Dust and Fog. You can read more about it HERE.


  • Raceline now displays correctly when set to “On” or “Corners Only”
  • Add-ons purchased through the PS Store now display correctly
  • Artifacts around the screen are no longer visible during replays
  • Sponsor warp objectives now progress correctly
  • GRID Legends no longer needs to be restarted to complete the installation

In line

  • Main Menu UI no longer shows in-game after a Host migration
  • Players no longer appear with a generic profile picture after a user leaves the lobby
  • Players can now receive invites when the Lobby tab is open
  • Returning to the main menu from the session list no longer blocks “Select vehicle”
  • The correct message now displays when trying to join an online game for those without a PS Plus or Xbox Gold subscription
  • Joining an “in-progress” Drift session now works correctly
  • When joining a rolling start session, AI drivers no longer set incredibly fast/negative lap times
  • Various other minor bugfixes have been made

Leads to fame and career

  • The Oval Stock Event 2 has been changed to Oval Stocks Finale
  • Progress on The Gauntlet now visibly updates correctly in Career
  • Flickering in the corner of the screen during “Into The Fray” has been resolved


  • Long loading times and low FPS after completing Induction and Into The Fray have been resolved
  • Various reasons that would cause the game to crash have been resolved on all platforms

Art and visual effects

  • Headlights no longer flicker
  • Brabham BT62 – Rendering issues on headlights when front bumper is detached have been resolved
  • Koenigsegg Jesko – Driver no longer grips the gear lever too hard when changing gears
  • Renault Laguna – The headlights have been improved
  • Shanghai – A white light no longer appears in the distance of the tunnel


  • Debug text no longer displays in some cases


  • Fixed voice overs were done in Italian, Spanish, French and German
  • Dynamic music is now available in weekly and monthly events
  • Several other audio fixes have been made throughout the game

Are you excited about these changes to GRID Legends? Drift in the comments section below.

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