June 23, 2022

Honda City ZX Diesel Manual Long Term Report: Highway Use and Recap

We recently bid farewell to one of the most efficient long-term test cars we’ve had here at CarWale. Effective not only in terms of fuel economy, but also in everyday use. It’s the Honda City ZX, in diesel manual form and for the past three months it’s had a rather difficult role to fill, which was to play wingman to our lead photographer Kapil and his shots of endless stills for CarWale and BikeWale.

In the first two months of his arrival, our city had traveled much of the journey in, you guessed it, the city. And in our previous report, we talked about how the car performed within the confines of Navi Mumbai. Now, as we sum up our final thoughts and impressions, it’s time to talk about the City’s handling and overall performance over the past three months. Besides seeing plenty of action during Kapil’s drive between Kalyan and Navi Mumbai, the city has been a frequent visitor to many scenic locations around Lonavala and our in-house studio near Panvel.

Right side view

On the motorways, its powerful diesel engine never failed to offer enough punch to cut through slow-moving traffic, while the light but quick steering and grown-up chassis formed a perfect match when driving through the ghats. The six-speed manual is arguably one of the most engaging gearboxes we’ve seen in everyday cars. So much so that it makes this supposedly economical box a real fun car to drive. What’s not so good is the NVH at highway speeds. Naturally, there is a tiny bit of wind noise filtering into the cabin. It’s planned. However, the motor is quite audible at highway speeds, and you’ll have to crank up the music volume to get rid of the diesel drone.


This 1.5-litre can be incredibly efficient in all things, but on the highways there’s no escaping the noise it makes. Ride quality remains flat, and the City will easily let four people cover long distances without too much fatigue. You can add a fifth person in the second row, but it’s not exactly comfortable because of the way the back seat is contoured. The front seats are however very comfortable and offer good reinforcements on the sides.

Trunk rear seat folding/unfolding switches

The City ZX has been the default camera vehicle for all of our shoots and it has never let us down. Its 507-litre trunk swallows everything, whether it’s Kapil and Kaustubh’s exhaustive camera gear, large suitcases or anything in between.

Instrument cluster

We’ve driven thousands of miles in town alone, kept the air conditioning on several times while the car is stationary on filming locations and yet the average fuel consumption has never dropped below 15 kmpl. The City ZX diesel is incredibly fuel efficient and combines that with a 40 liter fuel tank and you don’t have to worry about refueling for days.

Left back three quarter

And so three months and many, many filming plans later, we still can’t get enough of the City ZX and would love to have it again. The City is an evergreen product and in this latest iteration Honda seems to have found that ideal combination of fuel efficiency, everyday friendliness and comfort. Add to that the handy set of features (read: blind-spot camera viewing, rear sun visor, semi-digital display) and we’re all the more convinced that the new City is among the smartest choices in its segment.

Brand: Honda

Model: City

Model: ZX Diesel

Mileage this month: 1,560 km

Fuel efficiency: 15.2 kmpl

Price: Rs 18.74 lakh (when tested)

Photography: Kaustubh Gandhi

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