Hubbard Township trustees voted to approve two ideas for using the town’s ARP funds at a meeting Monday night.

The first approved idea was a public address and video streaming system for public meetings. Administrator Rick Hernandez told 21 News that funding for this project should not exceed $5,200.

Hernandez tells us that this is a way to ensure that all attendees of town hall meetings can hear what is happening during the meeting.

Additionally, there will be a wireless microphone so audience members can ask questions and still be heard clearly.

Hernandez says live streaming won’t come right away, as the township is currently studying a platform on which to live stream and how the streaming will work. Once implemented, all meetings will be streamed live online.

The second approved idea was a new mower, loader and tractor for the street service to replace its old outdated equipment.

Hernandez tells 21 News that overgrowth of trees is a major problem on some roads in Hubbard, including near the school. This new equipment would make the removal of excess branches much more efficient.

The township will spend a total of $108,000 for this new equipment.

Other ideas are currently on the board, but they were voted on at Monday’s meeting as the directors are currently reviewing these ideas in more detail.