August 13, 2022

Increase in use at the Moses Lake Food Bank

MOSES LAKE – Even in the summer, the Moses Lake Food Bank is always busy.

Moses Lake Food Bank Manager Peny Archer said more people appear to be using the food bank in the summer of 2022.

“Our numbers are starting to climb again,” Archer said.

The food bank is located at 1075 West Marina Drive.

The recent spike in inflation has eroded purchasing power, and this has also had an effect on the food bank.

“We’re seeing people we’ve never seen before, who’ve never been to a food bank,” Archer said.

People who have used food bank services in the past come more often, she said.

“You can come once a week, so they visit us more often. Instead of coming once a month, they come two, three or four times a month,” she said.

Inflation has had a disproportionate effect on some groups.

“Especially older people, people on fixed incomes,” Archer said. “They can’t do much.”

Also, summer means school is closed, which means the kids are home during the day.

“Kids are snacking more at home,” Archer said. “So we like kid-friendly foods.”

Children love soup, even in the summer, she says.

“Kids love this mug of soup,” she said. “(Food bank needs) stuff to make peanut butter and jelly (sandwiches). We have lots of peanut butter, we don’t have jelly. You can get peanut butter but not jelly, very easily. We have to buy the jelly.

“The macaroni and cheese is good. These are easy microwaveable foods for a child,” Archer said.

The food bank accepts food and cash donations.

“It’s the donor’s choice,” Archer said.

But food bank operators have the ability to put donated dollars to work.

“We’re able to provide food at a much lower value than – say, if I’m shopping for my house,” she said. “We have options. And thank goodness for that.”

Inflation also affected the food bank.

“It’s been tough,” Archer said. “We have trucks fetching food and we have fuel bills that we have to pay. The cost of food increases, which (reduces) donations.

“More people, but fewer donations and the food costs more,” she said.

People who wish to donate food or money can visit the food bank during opening hours, 11 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Donations can be made in person, through the food bank’s website, or by traditional mail.

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