June 23, 2022

International planes avoid using Afghan airspace, use down 80%

The Taliban said that in recent months, the use of Afghan airspace by international planes has declined by 80% and this has impacted Afghan government revenues, local media reported. In twenty-four hours, sixty to seventy planes cross the country’s airspace, and Afghanistan earns $ 700 for each plane crossing the country’s airspace, TOLOnews reported citing officials from the Afghan Ministry of Transport and of Civil Aviation (MTCA).

Ghulam Jailani Wafa, deputy director of MTCA, said: “These days the numbers show that around 60 to 70 flights pass through our airspace in twenty-four hours. Officials also said that as a foreign company takes control of the technical side of the country’s airports, flights over the country’s airspace will increase. The Taliban are in negotiations with foreign countries to hand over the technical management of the country’s airports.

“When we provide good services, it will be cheaper for airlines to fly through and through Afghan airspace,” ministry spokesman Emamuddin Ahmadi said as quoted by TOLOnews. Meanwhile, a deputy minister in the former Afghan government said most international airlines have security concerns with Afghan airspace.

Imamuddin Varimach, former deputy minister of transport and aviation, “Currently, international airlines do not consider Afghanistan’s airspace to be safe, so they have changed all their routes.” Notably, Afghanistan has six air corridors that connect South Asia to Central Asia. (ANI)

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