August 13, 2022

Is Jerick McKinnon’s recent use a sign of things to come in fantasy football? [Video]

Clyde Edwards-HelaireFantasy football’s career didn’t start the way everyone hoped. Consider the fact that fantasy writers were selecting CEH in the first round before he had even played a professional shot.

That’s the power the Chiefs’ offense holds. This is the value a ball carrier receives from Patrick Mahomes at.

Sadly, CEH’s fantastic production left us all wanting more. Whether he was untouched or injured or replaced by people like Darrel Williams Where Jerick McKinnon – whatever the reason, CEH has been a disappointment in the fantasy department.

And speaking of McKinnon… what’s going on?!

McKinnon has found something of a resurgence with the Chiefs in their last three games, looking electric with the ball in his hands in the run and pass plays.

Is Jerick McKinnon’s recent fantasy football impact a mirage? (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Is McKinnon here to stay for the Chiefs – yet another hurdle on CEH’s path to fantasy stardom? Or was it just one more tool for Andy Reid, ready to launch at a moment’s notice – causing further frustration for fantasy managers afterwards?

Andy Behren and Scott Pianoowski check it out in the video above.

They discuss how CEH has been just okay for the Chiefs, just okay, but fantastic managers have been left behind. And yet, look what the Chiefs were able to glean from McKinnon and Darrel and Damien Williams. Why is CEH not following suit? Will the Chiefs bring McKinnon back as part of a team-friendly deal, causing a conundrum for fantastic managers on the clock in their drafts and watching Kansas City’s depth chart?

And imagine if the chiefs had written Jonathan Taylor Where By Andre Swift?

Check out our analysts’ full discussion in the video above and let us know what you think @YahooFantasy.

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