August 13, 2022

Jerry Jones on Cowboys’ use of Tony Pollard, lack of urgency to sign another WR and more

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has joined Sports Radio 96.7 FM/1310 Le Ticket [KTCK-AM] and 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] Tuesday to discuss the team’s situation at wide receiver, the use of Tony Pollard and more. Here are some important points.

How sure are you that you don’t need to go out and sign another receiver after James Washington’s broken foot?

Jones: “The world may not be confident, but the word is that I really know there is progress in everything. And that gives this group that until yesterday definitely showed squirts or showed games , that he deserves to be considered. And so we really have to look first of all, that’s what we have in hand, that’s this group of receivers. And we have receivers that have shown that they could do good things and do more things today than yesterday. [Jalen] Tolbert leads the list of young people I’m talking about. Let’s give these guys a chance. I don’t want to be here pushing to be aggressive, in terms of going outside to look at what may be available or who are free agents right now or otherwise. So I don’t think it’s urgent at all. I think we have a lot of ways to throw the ball. And many people who can get it. And maybe that could do some good. Maybe it’ll fire more bullets [CeeDee] The Way of the Lamb. Maybe that should be done. Sometimes, when he’s not necessarily the right person to go to because of the media coverage, maybe the ball will go his way. Why not?”

HAS Tony Pollard’s talent was wasted?

Jones: “I feel good every time he has the ball. I feel like something is going to happen. I think opposing teams now know absolutely that they better defend him because he’s getting away with it. I’m just excited about it and hopefully having the usage at the level it’s been so it’s stepped up here and it’s peaking. Of course we haven’t overused it, we haven’t worn him down, he hasn’t been injured. And here he is, seasoned. He’s a veteran player. We all know you’re better off if you can get through this. So I’m drawing it here but no , I can’t say like I say when I think I didn’t reach the Super Bowl, and as long as it was what a waste to have had [Tony] Romo here and couldn’t hit a Super Bowl. Now it’s melancholy. And it hurts to think about it. Pollard is not yet in this category. We have a big lead with Pollard and we have to give him the ball. It will be a very effective part of our plan and I assure you that we will use it more.

How much more should Tony Pollard be used as a receiver?

Jones: “Well, do we count our out of the backfield, our throws, our sweeps and our screens and I mean, there’s the throw on the sweep. To me, that’s the perfect way to maximize getting the ball to him cleanly so he can do what? Tuck him in and do his thing and go…I don’t have the vision for him to go up and do those catches in the middle and get on the sideline in the field and that kind of stuff. And, frankly, let’s be honest, he hasn’t spent much of his career preparing to do that. So where I see his reception could go through a storm, I think he has the kind of hands, make no mistake, he can really catch the ball.

Would you trade being the most valuable franchise for another Super Bowl?

Jones: “Yes. Period. I’ve done it once before. I took everything I had and more for a chance to be part of the future of the Cowboys when I bought the team. That was not a good deal at the time, terrible at the time I think Donald Trump when he was president said I remember when he bought the Cowboys and said at the time that I felt sorry for him. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. We were losing over a million dollars a month in cash, no one was making any money in the NFL. At that exact moment. I didn’t get in there for the money. But once I was in there was no joy in Mudville if you didn’t bring home enough to go back and get back there competitively. You can call it what you want I called it a way to help get touchdowns If I could be assured that the size of that paycheck or the size of that expense would l e do – and of course, since I’m not taking any risks, I keep it all in my pocket, which is BS too, as you well know. We tried it a lot, tried a lot with money, tried every way in the world… When we went to the salary cap, I basically said to everyone a salary cap, we should have. But if we could do without it, I could.

Why the Cowboys didn’t go all-in like the Rams did last year…

Jones: “I’m impressed the Rams emptied their bucket like that and then did it… It could have been the Cowboys as easy as the Rams with what we had. You say “well, but you have to win a playoff game to get to where the Rams are.” But I thought we had a team on par with those teams – 49ers, Rams…

“I knew we had a lot of changes to make this year because we had some pretty expensive guys last year. We knew at the start of last year it would be then and we were in real management as we look forward to the next two years. We haven’t emptied our bucket, but we certainly haven’t done everything. What you’ve seen is that we were basically saying, to a certain extent, ‘a good player, an exceptional player, maybe a good person, maybe an exceptional person, but we basically have to take players who are among our top 10-11 paid players.” We have to look at how many games they make for you, you have to look at availability and that’s what we did. These are the changes. And then when we brought them in, we brought them in with these guys who would be here so we could get a lot out of it without having to put them in the top 10 or 11 for a few years to balance that thing out. That was the strategy. »

Do you have a pecking order for who’s next in line? Cowboys Ring of Honor?

Jones: “I do, it’s not firm, [but] I do. I’m still, not defensive, but I want everyone to know how many comments I get. I have people dining with me with one thing on their minds, to talk about the importance of having someone in the Ring of Honor. They are either Ring of Honor members or people who have played on the team. We get a lot of lobbying, a lot of feedback. I’m probably overdoing it. You heard me say the other day, Tex [Schramm] made similar impressions in our short time together, but one of them was that tough honor ring. He said ‘boy, stay small. You have them everywhere in sport. And keep him unique and don’t necessarily make him the best player, make him the one who’s done the most for the franchise. …Jimmy [Johnson] definitely deserves to be in the Ring of Honor and I want to think about when, how, presentation, if you will. And frankly, I don’t mind the attention this situation with Jimmy gives Ring of Honor. »

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