August 13, 2022

Joe Mixon breaks silence on use during final moments of Super Bowl

Right now, Cincinnati Bengals fans don’t need much reminder of that critical game in Super Bowl LVI that featured Samaje Perine as Joe Mixon watched from the sidelines.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor explained why Perine got the run in third and runs while Mixon watched from afar (the attempt failed, then a pass from Joe Burrow was incomplete in fourth), but we don’t. ‘ve never heard of the star himself.

So far.

Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic captured Mixon’s first conversation with the media since before the Super Bowl and he said the following when asked about it:

“At the end of the day, whoever is there, I have no doubt in my mind that they should play the game. The coach found himself running two minutes and during the playoffs he m had in two minutes. It was an instant thing. I really should have taken the initiative on my own and said to myself, ‘Hey, I’m coming.’ It was the heat of the moment. Third down, third and 1, obviously I want to run, but when we’re not going to huddle, we have to hurry and keep going. It sucks. Obviously, I know I could have helped and done anything to get that meter, but it’s over, it’s last year, and it’s 2022. We’re trying to do everything we can to repeat and come back right away in this same situation. And when we are in this situation, you know very well that I will be in it.

It’s a measured response from Mixon to almost everyone who agrees that the highly paid star running back would have given the team the best chance of converting, if not winning it all.

But as Mixon points out at the end of his inevitable back-and-forth on this topic, he’s already turning the page and aiming to help the team recover.

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