May 11, 2022

Knack returns, Miller increases curve usage, Amaya is on fire, others – Dodgers Digest

Dashboard of May 8, 2022


Landon Knack made his long-awaited 2022 debut with Tulsa, and he showed some off-season bike wins:

The bike listed above was via the scorebug – Knack is actually up to 100 via the Hawkeye system.

Knack, who the Dodgers drafted in the 2nd round of the 2020 draft, was considered a savvy senior pick, a guy who could move quickly as a two-step reliever with plus plus control, whose bike went 93-94 to possibly hit 98 once in a while if moved to a shorter role. Just under a year after being drafted and he was sitting 94-96, t97, as a starter, and showing a quality change in the major leagues than a year ago you’d be hard pressed to find even included in a report.

Move forward to now, and there’s been another jump. Along with hitting triple digits, Knack added a 90s low cut and a much improved curve that now has puffs.

Note: Knack talks more about where he is, as well as his repertoire, in This interview at Fangraphs. Recommended reading!

The rapid rise Knack has gone through – from being seen in the industry as a reliever to a four-pitch starter (with a fifth pitch going), showing that hundo – to a guy who has kept command and has the starter #2 upside down. It’s obvious that this player development team doesn’t just produce great leaguers.

Bobby Miller had an exit that was mostly uphill, with a few speed bumps at the end. It was an outing that saw him play mostly fast/curveball, and, at times, he showed what he could do with a hammer upgrade:

It’s rather enticing when it’s on. Curve really is her 4th pitch – she didn’t even get a grade in the latest Dodger prospect list posted on Fangraphs. As with Knack, the pursuit continues to After is to be expected.

That said, Miller started strong, allowing a run in his first four innings, but seemed to falter a bit in his fifth inning of work, and his release point and command suffered a bit after retiring both. first batters he faced. in the frame, delivering free passes to the last two batters he faced. Her fastball lost the carry that is key to her success, and she ran horizontally out of the area. He ended up giving up 3 runs in 4 2/3 innings, with 5 Ks and 3 walks, so it’s not a disaster.

The 79 pitches Miller threw was a career high, and last season he didn’t hit 70+ until the 4th July.

It’s all development track stuff, and the kind of stuff that Miller probably won’t rely on as an excuse (assuming the frustration expressed when he was pulled had nothing to do with the length of the ride by bus after the game). Take them next time.

If Jacob has been featured a bit often in this space, well, he’s given me little choice in the matter. To know :

This took Amaya’s slant line to 0.351/0.473/0.797, and his wRC+ is currently 205, second in the Texas League. It also leads the Texas League in BB/K ratio, 1.42. All in all, it’s been a hugely impressive start to the season, and you just have to see where it goes from here.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand how, barely a year ago, Ronan Kopp slipped on lap 12:

He struck out 47.3% of the batters he faced (California League tops, minimum 10 innings) and held batters to a meager .095 batting average.

The only caveat, as with so many young live arms, concerns the walks, but there is also a positive trend here. Kopp’s walk rate in his first three outings was 28%. In its last four outings it has dropped to a much more acceptable 10%. These are very small slices of the season, but it’s huge, it’s a physical monster, and it’s going in the right direction.

Helium alert.

Finally, there was another no-hitter start, this time it was Kevin Malisheski for the Great Lakes:

Malisheski, who was a 38th-round pick of the Dodgers from Wauconda High School, Wacaunda IL, in 2016. The fastball was mostly 92-94, and he showed a tight, short slider that was 85-86.

Malisheski had a disastrous first outing of the season, giving up six earned runs without recording an out, so his season stat line doesn’t accurately describe how his season went, as he’s been untouchable ever since. Literally untouchable – he currently has a 9.1 inning no-hitter streak, and his ERA over that span is 0.96.

We’ve seen 38th rounders make it all the way to the big club (more recently, Caleb Ferguson), a trick that doesn’t even exist anymore. Like Ferguson, Malisheski also battled injuries. Although it’s a steep road from late draft to big, with long odds, Malisheski gives it a hell of an effort.

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