May 11, 2022

Microsoft Edge finally beats Safari in use

With its Edge browser, Microsoft can’t even build on the market dominance of the old Internet Explorer, but at least the Redmond-based company can now celebrate significant symbolic success. For the first time, Edge managed to gain a higher market share than Apple’s Safari. This makes Microsoft’s new browser the second most used desktop browser after Google’s Chrome, on whose code base it is based. This is based on data from the statistics department StatCounter shows that measures browser usage share of approximately 2 million websites worldwide.

According to these numbers, the Edge arrived in April after rising 0.46 percentage points to a share of 10.07%. Safari, on the other hand, was fairly flat at 9.61%. This puts both browsers far behind Google Chrome, which clearly dominates the market at 66.64%. In fourth place, the open-source browser Firefox, with 7.86%, can join the small group of browsers that actually achieve a significant share of usage. The famous Opera, for example, has only 2.44 percent.

Mobile runs without Edge

A look at the mobile sector paints a completely different picture. Because there are very few users who use an alternative browser on their mobile platform. Market shares are split accordingly: Google Chrome, which is used as the default browser on most Android installs, takes the top spot. It has a 62.87 percent share. Apple can reach a value of 25.35% with its Safari on iOS systems. In third place is Samsung Internet, which is used as its own browser on Samsung Android devices and has a market share of 4.9%.

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