August 13, 2022

Najee Harris expects the Steelers to continue using the Jumbo Package after releasing it on Sunday

Despite the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers have been talking throughout the offseason about a commitment to improving the running game, they haven’t fully maximized the resources they have that would give them the best chance for success on the field in personnel terms. .

While they increased their use of tight two-end formations, they haven’t missed out on 22 or 13 at all and, in fact, Sunday’s game was the first time they’ve used an eligible tackle. additional lineman throughout the season, even if they have several linemen in reserve who are experienced in performing this role.

The more fat guys we get in, I feel like we’ll have a better pushRunning back Najee Harris said when asked about that streak on Sunday, which was a first and goal game from the one he scored on. “Whatever the name of the game, I feel like I can get any number of short yards, or we can block for what it is. It was just something new that we put in place. We will continue to use it [moving] forward, probably ”.

Although he said he expects them to use more heavy staff in the future, he declined to say that was what he wanted or that he thought they would have had to use it more. When asked about this, he first asked reporters what head coach Mike Tomlin said about it, and when told he had little to say he echoed that he didn’t have much to say either.

Still, he expressed a clear affinity for the simplicity of heavy running training looks, as they ran towards the goal line. It was Zach Banner’s first offensive snap of the season, coming in as an additional blocker at the end of the offensive line, but he played that role for over 200 snaps in 2019. Joe Haeg, who will likely start at the left guard this week – also played that role for the Buccaneers last season.

“We say, ‘it’s just your best and our best, and whoever wins wins,” Harris said of such training. “It’s, I guess, the tradition here in Pittsburgh that I’m learning. Just to pick up on that stuff. It’s always good because it’s the sport of football. I think it is the most competitive sport. You know what the game is, you know what’s going to happen, and it’s just one-on-one, really ”.

The Steelers have improved their success rate in obvious rushing situations, although they still have plenty of room to grow there. Getting more blockers like Banner, recently promoted tight end Kevin Rader and full-back Derek Watt involved wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, something we’ve been advocating for a bit now, given they only have two reliable wide receivers on the list to start.

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