May 11, 2022

New potential water reuse plan for Midland


Drinking water in the Permian Basin has been a concern for years. But the concept of “water management” can change that.

You already know that if you want to get drinking water for your home here in the Permian Basin, a complicated quest is always involved.

Permian Basin resident Patsy Walker told CBS7, “I have to pay someone to take me to the store to get water because I can’t carry these big bags on the bus.”

But an environmentalist may have the answer to his problems. He noticed that those in his field didn’t want to hear from oil and gas players, especially when it came to drinking water.

Marvin Nash of Encore Green Environmental told CBS7: “Yet you won’t talk to an oil and gas company, which is trying to scientifically treat water so we can grow more grass, pour more oxygen, so that we can create and remove climate change and climate problems?”

Walker is a born and bred resident of the Permian Basin and has long been waiting for her water to improve a bit.

“I was born in 1950, I remember drinking water even then, it was bad,” Walker continues.

Help is on the way. Water from fracking can now be tested and transported more cost efficiently, delivering safely to your tap. And now droughts may not be a problem with more consistent soil.

Nash told CBS7, “During drought conditions, if I just put in a few inches a month or so to keep that surface where it’s healthy enough to absorb water. Then when it rains, it all doesn’t drain and absorbed by the ground.

The benefits go beyond just drinking water. Soil can be put in place efficiently for improved agriculture, while water can irrigate the land to create beautiful, lush parks. A man from the Permian Basin has started working with NomadExcel, and they hope others will join soon.

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