May 11, 2022

Reimer has week-to-week injuries, defends use

James Reimer’s latest injury has made him nostalgic.

On Tuesday night, Reimer was injured in the first period against Vegas.

“It just stretched a little bit, I think,” San Jose Sharks head coach Bob Boughner said. “I’m just in too much pain to stay.”

Boughner ranked Reimer’s lower body injury week by week.

Reimer did not specify the exact game when he got injured. But it was a familiar feeling.

“I’ve had something similar before in my career and it felt like this,” he said. “So I wasn’t too worried that it was something like a super long term.”

When pressed, Reimer said the injury dates back about four years. Per TSN, in February 2018, Reimer missed five games with a groin injury. It’s not definitive, of course: Reimer also had other injuries during this time.

Tuesday in Vegas turned out to be unlucky number 13 for Reimer. It was his 13th consecutive start, only the third time in his career that the 33-year-old has started 10 or more straight games.

But Boughner defended the decision to continue mounting James Reimer recently. With Adin Hill absent, his alternative was the very inexperienced Zach Sawchenko.

“You are a team fighting for your lives and Reimer has played pretty well all season. You want to pick your #1 option, your best option, give yourself the best possible chance,” Boughner offered.

The San Jose Sharks had the final playoff spot in the West on Jan. 22 when Reimer began his starting streak.

The only thing that gave Boughner a break was playing Reimer in back-to-back games, Jan. 30 and Feb. 1 at Florida then Carolina, and Feb. 26 and 27 against Boston then Seattle.

“I was very wary of putting him in those back-to-back situations,” admitted the bench boss. “But Reims reacted well to both, and he had a few days off after that before we went to Vegas.”

For what it’s worth, Reimer stopped 129 of 138 shots in those two straight shots.

It’s also worth noting that those 13 straight starts were divided by a 12-day All-Star break. It wasn’t a regular regimen of games – it was 13 games over 39 days.

Boughner acknowledged that fatigue could have played a role in Reimer’s injury, but the keeper didn’t.

“Whenever you play this sport, there will always be factors that stretch your body, right?” Reimer offered. “All this racing is funny – maybe that’s not the right word – but the game against Vegas is maybe the best, or at random the most energy I have. eu, the best felt by my body. And this is the game where it decides not to work.

“You can look at it however you want, but I know I felt really good in that game.”

Whatever happened in Vegas, it looks like Reimer won’t be back until he feels good.

The veteran recalled: “A few years ago I had a similar thing and came back too soon. First game back, I got injured and was out for six weeks.

“Nobody looks good in this case. You gotta be smart, make sure you’re ready, 100% ready to go.

So what does week after week mean for James Reimer? He showed no obvious injury in his media availability this afternoon.

“Is there any chance it will be shorter? Potentially. Any chance it’s longer? Potentially,” he said. “Hopefully shorter rather than longer.”

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