May 11, 2022

Report: Website usage increased by 57% since 2020

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Although smartphones are now ubiquitous, data from Amplitude shows that websites are experiencing a strong comeback – since January 2020, website usage has increased by 57%, compared to only 36% growth for app usage over the same period. Amplitude analyzed the behaviors of millions of digital users accessing apps and websites from January 2020 to December 2021. The data shows that while there are still more users on apps overall, the increase in website activity has brought the two channels closer to an even split. In December 2021, 54% of users were on apps and 46% of users were on websites.

In some sectors, the growth in the number of users of websites has even exceeded that of applications. With students relying heavily on websites for education-related software and online coursework, web usage in the education sector has increased by 115%. As companies quickly adapted to remote working, white-collar workers were primarily accessing B2B SaaS products embedded in their work from the web, leading to a 101% increase in web usage from January 2020 to December 2021.

Although apps continue to be the preferred access point for services such as groceries and personal finance, web usage remains high. Food delivery has become a social distancing necessity, increasing usage by 162% on apps and 68% on the web. In December 2021, 77% of all monthly active users accessing banking products did so through apps, but web usage over the two-year period still increased by 61% compared to January 2020.

Over the past two years, website usage has seen an upsurge, now accounting for almost half of online activity.

For the entertainment sector, the use of websites and apps has grown almost in parallel over the past two years, with growth of 22% on websites and 26% on apps. Even so, the web wins out in this sector: 60% of monthly users accessing digital entertainment did so through websites, compared to 40% through apps.

For organizations evaluating which digital channel to invest in to reach their target market, this report clearly answers “both.” This data shows how critical it is for business leaders to prioritize both the app and the website in the overall customer journey. The Web is not dead, far from it.

Read it full report by Amplitude.

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