June 23, 2022

Responsible use of gaming tools and positive play

Northampton, MA — News Direct — DraftKings

Recently, our research and training partner, Harvard Medical School affiliated with the Cambridge Health Alliance, Division on Addiction, in its online publication Brief Addiction Science Information Source (BASE), reviewed a scientific paper titled Patterns and correlates of the use of consumer protection tools by Australian online gambling customers. Looking at the study conducted by Heirene and her colleagues (2021) using data from several online gambling operators in Australia, BASIS contributor Kira Landauer summarizes that only 16% of customers used at least one responsible gambling consumer protection tool in the 12 months studied , by choosing a maximum monetary deposit limit over a defined period. time as the most commonly used tool. Landauer links this finding to a previous study published by Gainsbury and his colleagues (2020), also conducted in Australia, in which customers said they viewed gambling limit setting as a tool for people with gambling problems.

I found this very timely, as as Senior Director of Responsible Gambling at DraftKings, my team has been focused on educating customers about Responsible Gambling (RG) tools, which include options to set custom limits of deposit, time and expense on gambling, as resources that are relevant to all individuals – not just the small segment of gamblers who have gambling problems. We believe that one person’s use of these tools does not is not a sign of problematic activity – rather it shows that the player is taking positive control of their behaviors to play in a safer way.

One of the ways we are increasing tool awareness and safer gaming strategies is by leveraging our marketing channels and customer touch points. DraftKings’ RG marketing slogan is “It’s more fun when it’s for fun” and I believe emerging responsible gaming research such as Wood and Griffiths (2015) affirms the value of this message. Woods and Griffiths interviewed two groups of gamblers: those who revealed signs of problem gambling and a second group, made up of gamblers who demonstrated healthy relationships with gambling. In the first group, participants often said they gambled to deal with their mood (i.e. being upset or feeling depressed). In contrast, participants in the second group, those who did not show signs of problem gambling, said they gambled for fun and entertainment.

The Wood and Griffiths study is just one example of research using the positive gambling framework – which emphasizes prior engagement as a characteristic of non-problematic gambling. Pre-commitment refers to taking into account the maximum time and money one expects to spend on betting. Sound familiar? By using Responsible Gambling tools on DraftKings apps, you could say that customers who choose limits on their activity are practicing pre-engagement. In the same vein, the Have a game plan. Bet responsibly The American Gaming Association’s campaign encourages bettors to “have a game plan” by thinking about the most logical budget and time limits to keep them having fun betting.

To raise awareness of our GR tools and encourage their use, DraftKings incorporates information on how to access and use the tools through the company’s social media accounts. Last year, we also created custom TV ads that aired in local markets and sports venues across the country. Additionally, customers can expect to receive a Responsible Gambling email when making their first deposit at the bookmaker, and on an ongoing basis. We use our RG slogan “It’s more fun when it’s for fun” in tandem with the Have a game plan. Bet responsibly to synthesize our JR marketing efforts while collaborating with the industry to promote safer play.

We are proud to partner with the Cambridge Health Alliance to strategic advice, employee training and dissemination activities, including corporate education on evidence-based research as part of our mission to create a world-class responsible gaming program.

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