June 23, 2022

State land use planning for Ratanakkiri districts is underway

Provincial authorities in Ratanakkiri are meeting on Tuesday to review the land use master plan for three districts. NHEM SAMOEUN VIA FACEBOOK

Ratanakkiri Provincial Governor Nhem Sam Oeun has instructed authorities in three districts to cooperate with officials to prepare a land use master plan in accordance with all technical standards and laws and submit it to the Ministry of Regional Planning, Urbanism and Construction for decision.

Governor Nhem Sam Oeun instructed a provincial land management committee meeting on January 18 to review the draft land use master plan for Taveng, Andong Meas and O’Yadav districts. .

He told the district authorities to expedite the inspection, verification and preparation of a land use master plan as soon as possible for the district and provincial land management committees to submit to the ministry. next week.

He said the master plan should be comprehensive and prepared quickly. The plan, he added, will have to be designed in line with ministry guidelines so that there are no mistakes during its implementation.

“For example, we need to determine which roads should be built in cities and which land we should allocate to landfills. To manage state land, we need a system,” he said.

Sam Oeun also urged the three districts to plan clear development projects, including the conservation of ecotourism, indigenous cultural identities and infrastructure.

“Natural sites must be preserved, as well as historic trails and resources inherited from the war period. With the right development, these resources will form the basis of many attractive ecotourism destinations in the future, which will encourage more tourists to visit our province,” he said.

Land Management Department Director Ly Usaphea could not be reached for comment on January 18.

O’Yadav District Governor Ma Vichet said district authorities have verified 80 percent of the work and are continuing their research to further verify documentation and finalize exact project locations.

“The main development target that our district authorities have set focuses on seven sites in all municipalities. These sites prioritize tourist destinations and landfills, and we also have long-term infrastructure targets planned until 2035. We have already prepared the overview of the master plan,” he said.

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