June 23, 2022

Telecom releases data usage records on New Years Eve

Far EasTone’s 5G networks saw 80 times the download traffic as users broadcast fireworks or text loved ones

  • By Yang Mien-chieh and Jake Chung / Journalist, with editor-in-chief

New Years Eve events resulted in spikes in mobile data usage in Taiwan, as revelers broadcast fireworks and send greetings to friends and family for the New Year, figures released by the country’s four largest telecommunications companies.

Chunghwa Telecom said Friday’s data usage was the highest the company has ever seen, with usage at 20 locations at least five times higher than usual.

Data usage near Taipei 101 exceeded normal rates by at least 10 times, while usage at Kaohsiung New Year’s countdown site was six times higher than usual, according to the reports. company data.

Photo: ANC

Over 80% of Chunghwa Telecom users on the sites broadcast the fireworks on social media such as Facebook, Line and Instagram, or exchanged New Years messages – including videos and photographs – with their family and friends through social networks.

Far EasTone estimated its subscriber data usage to be 1.2 times higher than last year, adding that the number of voicemail messages sent and calls made was 1.5 times higher than usual .

The amount of data downloaded through its 4G networks was 2.5 times higher than usual, while downloads exceeded normal levels 20 times, Far EasTone said.

Downloads through its 5G networks were 12 times higher than usual and downloads 80 times higher, the company added.

Calls have exceeded normal levels by 10, he said.

Asia Pacific Telecom saw a 3.1-fold increase in data usage near venues where celebrations were held, peaking in usage around 15 minutes before and after midnight.

Downloads topped normal levels 6.5 times, while data usage in hot spots, such as Taipei’s Xinyi District (信義), venues near Kaohsiung’s main event at Dream Mall and Taichung’s Shueinan Park (水 湳 公園), was 10 times higher than normal in Asia-Pacific.

Taiwan Star Telecom said data usage on its networks increased by 50%, while streaming and sending images and videos increased by 60%.

Overall data usage was three times the normal rate, he said.

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