May 11, 2022

thanal: the cycling campaign against the use of pesticides begins | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: A campaign organized by Thanal and Pesticide Action Network India along with ICE and WIWA to sensitize youths in the state capital on the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture started on Sunday. Thanal hopes to encourage the younger generation to become aware of the dangers of pesticides, demand healthy foods and lead action against pesticides through the campaign.
As part of this, an ICE-led cycle rally was launched from Kanakakunnu Palace on Sunday by Brahmanayakom, a national-level master trainer.
Thanal’s teammates and members of the ICE and Phoenix cycling clubs traveled to Kovalam from Kanakakunnu and visited certified organic farmers and talked to them about their organic farming techniques and experiences.
The #pedalagainstpoison# campaign was officially launched at State Central Library Hall on the same day by WIWA Director Sudheer. Famous cartoonist and conservationist Hari Charutha and Usha S, director, Thanal were present for the occasion. Jayakumar, Executive Director of Thanal, who chaired the meeting, spoke about the invention of pesticides and their gradual penetration into our lives, destroying our health and lives over the years. Sudhir talked about his journey from journalist to organic theater and agriculture enthusiast. Hari Charutha explained how pedaling and cycling are related to our philosophy and our lives.
Usha, who is a horticulturist and advocate for organic farming, strongly urged the public to start discussions and forums advocating and demanding safe foods for consumption. Farmers were congratulated and curtain raiser prizes were distributed to the winners.

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