August 13, 2022

The increasing use of aluminum in the automotive industry increases durability and safety

New Delhi, July 18 (SocialNews.XYZ) Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest aluminum producer, makes the case for ‘green’ aluminum during the national webinar recently hosted by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) of India.

With its world-class aluminum smelters, metals expertise, global technology partnerships and deep R&D capabilities, Vedanta Aluminum has been a long-standing partner to the automotive industry, developing product solutions perfectly suited to their needs. constantly evolving.

The company wants to partner with the automotive sector along the entire value chain, from big players to OEMs and MSMEs, to reduce the industry’s reliance on imports.

The ACMA event, whose theme was “Lightweight with Aluminum and Durability”, saw the participation of senior executives from key players in the automotive, automotive components and aluminum industries.

Nikhil Bhagchandani, Dy. Director – Marketing, Vedanta Aluminium, who was the keynote speaker at the event, highlighted the importance of “green” aluminum (i.e. aluminum with a low carbon footprint) to support the efforts automakers to decarbonize their products.

The company is the first in India to launch low-carbon aluminium, branded ‘Restora’, for customers looking to source raw materials responsibly to create a green value chain. Restora has a carbon footprint that is nearly half of the global threshold for aluminum to be considered low carbon. Its second green product, Restora Ultra, has an even lower carbon footprint, close to zero and among the lowest in the world.

Aluminum is currently the second most used metal in vehicles and the fastest growing, a clear indication of the growing importance of this metal in automotive manufacturing.

With the shift in consumer consciousness towards sustainability and tighter emission standards, there has been a significant increase in the use of aluminum in vehicles, from electric vehicles to battery (BEV), hybrids or internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE). The reason being the unique properties of aluminum which lend themselves very well to the automotive industry:

Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, more aluminum in vehicles makes them significantly lighter, faster, easier to maneuver and more capable.

The lightness of the vehicles also reduces their fuel consumption, thus helping to reduce costs and the carbon footprint.

In electric vehicles, increasing the use of aluminum in the vehicle extends its range by offsetting the weight of the battery, thereby reducing the cost of ownership, even with the addition of additional safety features.

Aluminum also continues to promote vehicle safety, because weight for weight aluminum can absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel.

Highly malleable and ductile, aluminum also offers automotive manufacturers exceptional design flexibility, in a wide range of applications – from car frames to engines, battery boxes, doors and windows, wheels and many more. smaller components in between.

Additionally, aluminum’s natural resistance to corrosion gives vehicles a longer life and reduces the need for frequent maintenance, again lowering the cost of ownership.

Finally, nearly 90% of all aluminum used in a vehicle can be recycled at the end of its life cycle, increasing the salvage value of the vehicle.

India’s automotive industry, which is gradually embracing the benefits of aluminum, is on track to become the 3rd largest automotive market by volume by 2030 (according to Invest India), driven by electric vehicles, heavy trucks and passenger cars. tourism. Before the pandemic, India’s automotive components industry imports were worth $15.40 billion.

Speaking on opportunities for indigenous development and localized sourcing of automotive components and parts, Rahul Sharma, CEO of Vedanta Aluminum said, “The national vision of self-reliance calls for increased focus on localization of Sourcing of Raw Materials, Parts and Components by the Indian Automotive Industry At Vedanta Aluminum, we provide our customers with 360 degree holistic solutions to meet their changing business needs like meeting their need for decarbonization with “Restora” , our low-carbon aluminum brand, to create innovative product solutions for new and emerging aluminum applications in the automotive industry and, with them, shape the future of mobility.”

Ramachandra Rao, Chairman – ACMA CFT Commodities, and Executive Chairman – Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd., said, “Aluminum is a critical raw material for the automotive industry, as evidenced by the increasing use of the metal in automotive applications globally. As the Indian automotive industry increasingly localizes raw material sourcing, domestic aluminum manufacturers like Vedanta Aluminum can be ideal partners for automakers. From lightweight, environmentally friendly products to new alloys, such partnerships can shape the future of our automotive industry.

Vedanta Aluminum has been a catalytic force for the automotive industry, producing premium alloys as the primary casting alloy and cylinder head alloy that meet the most pressing needs of automakers for cost, quality , safety and durability, with light weight. Notably, both alloys were entirely imported into India until Vedanta Aluminum started supplying them locally.

As aluminum applications in vehicles continue to increase, Vedanta Aluminum is rapidly expanding its portfolio of value-added products for the automotive industry. The company has also developed an online solution that brings together all of Vedanta’s products under one roof for customers, including after-sales technical support, logistics and financial solutions.

Vedanta Aluminum currently produces one of the widest ranges of aluminum products including Billets, Ingots, Wire Rods, Rolls, Slabs, etc.

Source: IANS

The increasing use of aluminum in the automotive industry increases durability and safety

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