May 11, 2022

The use of taxis on the Isle of Wight should be encouraged, not penalised.

It was with dismay that I read the proposal to “variate” (the word “increase” would surely be more accurate) taxi fares.

At a time when less domestic car use should be encouraged; at a time when the hospitality industry needs all the help it can get; in a county where large areas have little or no bus service; in a county where taxis are already prohibitively expensive for many, not to mention discouraged from drunk driving; the increase in taxi fares is incomprehensible.

The way taxis are organized on the IW benefits the municipality through licensing revenue and the taxi companies themselves, most of whom own a car and operate when and where they want.

The only group of people that is not considered is the general public of the IW.

In many places on the mainland, it is not uncommon to call a taxi by phone or mobile app and expect to get one within minutes.

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The charges are affordable and the car stays in the garage. This, of course, leads to fewer passenger cars on the road, increased use of taxis and, therefore, more revenue for the local economy.

Please reject this ill-considered proposal which would not benefit 99% of Islanders.

I am frankly surprised that, given the “market economy”, the board is allowed to control the cost of non-government services.

I wonder if they could set a minimum fee for bassists (as a semi-retired bass player myself).

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