August 13, 2022

Upgrades help manage voltage usage

Deploying a new voltage management system will help Powercor and Citipower better manage voltage usage, subsequently supporting more solar exports and reducing carbon emissions.

Dynamic Voltage Management Systems (DVMS) have been deployed across Wyndham and Melton, and track data from state smart meters to automatically adjust voltage up or down, in real time, to help maintain network operation within an optimal range.

Powercor’s network planning manager Andrew Dinning said voltage management can be influenced by a range of things, such as voltage set at the transmission, solar penetration, line lengths network power supply and customer power consumption patterns.

Voltage patterns change seasonally, daily and hourly, making voltage management a 24/7 challenge for networks.

“Voltage management on our grid is important to enable more solar power, reduce carbon emissions, and keep electricity accessible and affordable for all of our customers,” Dinning said.

“This smart system helps optimize the grid for all of our customers while maximizing the number of customers able to export excess solar energy and creating headroom for more connections in the future.”

Dinning said the DVMS rollout comes on top of a major upgrade program undertaken by CitiPower and Powercor that led to an increase in approvals for unrestricted rooftop solar connections of around 60% earlier this year. 2021 to more than 92% in 2022. .

“This is part of our five-year Future Networks program to help customers connect more solar, battery and electric vehicles, lower their electricity bills and reduce their environmental footprint,” Mr. Dinning said.

“Using this smarter system, we anticipate that over 95% of our customers who apply to export solar energy will be able to connect and export excess energy, enabling more homes and businesses to share cleaner energy in their communities.”

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