August 13, 2022

Water and electricity consumption increases with higher temperatures

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – As temperatures continue to rise, officials want to make sure they pay attention to your water and electricity usage.

Water consumption increases each year in July and August, which puts a strain on the water system. In fact, in Jonesboro, there has been a 30% increase in water consumption.

The city is on a well water system, which means groundwater is piped to a treatment center and then pumped out, according to Slade Mitchell, energy marketing administrator for City Water and Light.

Mitchell added that the water systems were also working normally. He said people can go about their daily lives, watering yards and filling swimming pools.

Electricity consumption has also increased, but despite this, transformers and substations only operate at 50% load.

Mitchell said that through this, the company is able to reroute electricity to provide more reliability to its customers.

“The CWL electrical systems have been performing very well during this warm weather, and we have peaked electrically last week,” he said.

Mitchell added that he does not foresee any problems, but that it is important to be vigilant.

You can follow CWL’s Twitter page for future updates on the city’s water and electricity usage..

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