August 13, 2022

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Chuck Wepner and Linda Wepner with Stallone Impersonator at the CHUCK in Bayonne premiere at Frank’s Theater on May 12, 2017

By Joe Calamito

Photos of Steve Mack

I’m sure audiences around the world will fall in love with the movie CHUCK with Liev Schreiber as Chuck Wepner and Naomi Watts as Chuck’s wife Linda.

This film is a tough and grainy love story, “on the other side of the slopes”.

He combines boxing with romance, personal pain and triumph.

It is also a matter of loss, human error, redemption and pride.

CHUCK lets you see Wepner with his kindness (I never knew he wrote poetry), and his human frailty, his run-ins with the law, his party, his confrontation with the man he should become. .

Schreiber in his performance also really makes you like Chuck Wepner and what not to like, in real life Chuck Wepner is a nice guy.

I first met him right after he fought Muhammad Ali in the mid-1970s and have met him many times over the years, he always gives a big smile and a hello to anyone that ‘he meets.

This is why at the premiere of CHUCK at the Frank Theater in Bayonne on Friday May 12, family, friends and fans of Chuck Wepner gathered in his honor, and were proud of Bayonne’s favorite son.

The chest bursts proudly, the broad smiles are proud, the back slaps proud.

Bayonne loves Chuck Wepner and maybe after watching the CHUCK movie you will love him too, and you will be proud that Chuck Wepner had the chance to fight Muhammad Ali and the recognition he deserved to have been there. inspiration for the movie Rocky.

In fact, CHUCK the movie lets the world know that “Chuck Wepner is the real Rocky”. The Everyman Who Beats Luck.

And it’s a cause we can all support.

Here are some photos of Steve Mack from May 12 First event of the film Chuck in Bayonne

Front Row Ray Greeves, Bruce Dillin, Chris Patella, (Back Row) Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis at far left with Linda Wepner, Stallone Impersonator, Champ Chuck Wepner, Assemblyman Nicholas A. Chiaravalloti at the premiere of CHUCK at Frank’s Theater May 12, 2017
Chuck and Linda Wepner
Chuck Wepner and his wife Linda arrive for the premiere of CHUCK at the Frank Theater in Bayonne on May 12, 2017
Chuck Premiere
Chuck Wepner With Wife Linda Speaks To The Audience At The CHUCK Premiere
also pictured Chris Patella
Family, friends and fans await the premiere of CHUCK
Chuck's premiere
Pirates welcome Chuck Wepner with Mayor of Bayone Jimmy Davis and Bruce Dillin to Otaiko restaurant ahead of CHUCK premiere
Chuck First
Audience at Fank’s Theater Bayonne for the premiere of CHUCK

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