June 23, 2022

What does MonkaW mean? Twitch emotes origins and usage

MonkaW is a commonly used emote on Tic intended to express fear, worry or worry. This is a modified version of the BetterTTV emote, MonkaS, which is enlarged on the character’s face to further exaggerate the character’s stressed expression.

Picture via BetterTTV

There are many variations of the ‘Monka’ face, but MonkaW is very popular. Tic users can access the emote to use and display it by downloading BetterTTVa widely used third-party application on the live streaming platform.

Below we explain how users should use the MonkaW face and how it was derived.

Origins of MonkaW

MonkaS was created for BetterTTV but quickly proliferated on Twitch, becoming a fixture in nearly every major streamer community. MonkaS features an image of Pepe the Frog sweating. Twitch user voparoS_ created a variation of the emote, which zoomed in on the squat face and bulging eyes.

When to use MonkaW

MonkaW has a very simple use on Twitch. The emote is used in any situation deemed scary or concerning, expressing that the chat is generally uncomfortable with whatever is happening on the stream. This can happen whenever the streamer plays a scary game, recounts a scary encounter, narrowly avoids an injury, or any other related situation.

Probably whenever a situation that warrants worry emotes pops up on stream, viewers will flood the chat with a mix of MonkaS and MonkaW images. MonkaW is slightly less popular than MonkaS, but both are still frequently used on the platform and in similar situations.

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